Driving Desire

Your life is the biggest concern you have. If life is going well for you, then you might consider yourself fortunate. If your life is full of trouble, then you are probably always thinking about how to make your life better. Few things drive us like the desire to have a good life.  A person who feels like life cannot get any better may even consider ending life altogether.  Wait!  There is hope.

Disappointing Directions

People have tried many ways to make their life good: wealth, relationships, fame, education, and healthiness. If you have tried these approaches, you have probably discovered that they satisfy for only a short time.


Joyfulness is not about your age, gender, education, or physical condition. Joy is about a relationship with Jesus. Jesus is God the Son. He left a perfect heaven and came to earth where He was executed for wrongs He did not do. Jesus was punished for sins that we did. He was crushed so you would not be condemned. When you receive Jesus into your life by faith, you are pardoned by God for your sin. You also begin an eternal relationship with Jesus that brings lasting joy.

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